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Ashley Hall Financial Aid

The purpose of Ashley Hall’s financial aid program is to enroll qualified students who could not otherwise afford to attend, 从而最大限度地发挥学生的力量. 十大网赌平台推荐知道负担能力是家长的主要考虑因素. All financial aid awards are made on the basis of a family’s demonstrated need and are reserved for families who have no alternative to requesting aid. Ashley Hall遵循NAIS的财务援助良好实践原则. All families requesting financial aid must adhere to School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS) procedures. SSS公式的结果由财政援助委员会考虑, 然后决定是否提供援助以及提供多少援助. Ashley Hall is not always able to meet the demonstrated need of all families who apply. All information is confidential, 仅限于由财政援助委员会审查, and will be returned upon request. Need-based financial aid is a grant, not a loan, and is allocated on a first-come, 首先为幼儿园至12年级学生的家庭提供服务. Financial need is calculated without regard to race, handicap, color, religion, or national origin.

Please note the following:

  • Our financial aid application is separate from the admission application and is not a factor in admission decisions.
  • If parents are divorced or separated, 十大网赌平台推荐需要从监护和非监护父母的信息. 每户家庭须分别填写社会资助计划申请表.
  • We require all parents in a household to be employed before seeking financial aid. 照顾学龄前儿童的父母除外, living with a disability, 或者有其他妨碍就业的情形的.
  • Parents who own a business, trust, 或收取租金收入可能需要提交额外的文件.
  • Failure to meet all of the deadlines limits Ashley Hall’s ability to award financial aid to those deserving students who might otherwise qualify and may result in a reduced or forfeited reward.
  • You will be asked to supply a copy of your 2022 Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040), all supporting schedules and W-2s, 哪些可以通过电子方式或邮寄方式提交.


How to Apply Online

Apply Online

For Kindergarten: January 15, 2024
For Grades 1 – 11: February 15, 2024



Janet Morrison | Controller | [email protected] | (843) 720-2867

Financial Aid FAQs


Ashley Hall maintains a robust financial aid program and budget to ensure that the most qualified candidates have the opportunity to attend Ashley Hall, 不管他们的经济状况如何. Some scholarships are offered to specific students who have demonstrated financial need and fulfill specific criteria for that particular scholarship. 大多数奖学金是为5-12年级的学生提供的.


助学金的期限为一年. 每个家庭必须每年重新申请进一步的经济援助奖励.

A financial aid application is in no way connected to a student’s application for admission. Financial aid information is confidential and is not shared with the Admission Committee, 只有在财政援助委员会.

Failure to comply with financial aid deadlines can disqualify a student from receiving aid. Misrepresentation or failure to fully and accurately disclose all information on the Parents’ Financial Statement, 会导致失去经济援助吗.

每一份财政援助申请都将以个人为基础进行审查. Returning Ashley Hall families receiving financial aid will be given priority for awards over new student applications. Returning families must adhere firmly to financial aid guidelines in order to ensure their priority. Funds can and will be allocated to other families if information is not completed and submitted by the published deadlines.


所有的信息都可以在www上获得 This site (School and Student Services) allows families to fill out the Parents’ Financial Statement and submit all required tax documents. 此外,家庭必须填写表格4506. This document is available here 并且必须签名,未注明日期,并通过SSS上传. 4506表是美国国税局的一份文件,用于检索过去的纳税申报表, W-2s, 以及国税局存档的1099份成绩单. This document gives permission for a third party (Ashley Hall) to retrieve the taxpayer’s data.


A complete 2022 Federal tax return, including all appropriate schedules, SSS必须在2月14日前收到, 2024.
A complete 2023 Federal tax return, including all appropriate schedules, must be received by SSS at 你的最早方便,但不迟于2024年9月1日. 如果您需要延期或特殊考虑, please contact the Controller, Janet Morrison at [email protected] directly.


Unmarried Couples and Single Parents


Divorced or Separated Parents

Ashley Hall’s policy for determining the financial need of students from separated or divorced families follows the same principle as our policy for all financial aid applicants: parents should pay the educational expenses for their children to the extent at which they are able.

申请人父母分居或离婚的, the term custodial parent is used for the parent with whom the applicant resides (or has resided with most frequently during the twelve months prior to the financial aid application). 另一方父母被称为无监护权的父母. The Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) is completed by the custodial parent and, if that parent has remarried, also by the step-parent. Non-custodial parents are also required to complete a PFS form and submit it to SSS.

It is the responsibility of both parents to submit the appropriate financial information. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to ask the non-custodial parent to complete all appropriate forms in a timely manner. 如果没有提供所要求的信息, 财政援助委员会将无法审查援助申请. Remarriage of either parent creates a new family unit, but Ashley Hall believes that the biological (or adoptive) parents (either custodial or non-custodial) have a responsibility for education expenses, 除非有相反的法律协议.

Ashley Hall will consider waiving the requirement for submission of the Financial Statement for parents who are separated or divorced by the non-custodial parent if information is provided which clearly indicates that the location of the non-custodial parent is currently unknown.

在上述任何一种情况下, supporting documentation clarifying the situation will be accepted from a doctor, lawyer, 或其他了解该家庭情况的人. There may be other extenuating circumstances which would warrant Ashley Hall waiving this requirement.

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